Here Comes The Bella Bride!


Hello Everyone,

One of the most requested themes last year while I was doing the St. Albert Farmers Market was for wedding cards…

Moment of truth time, I really struggle with the concept, probably because;

A.) I have never been in love (in infatuation yes, but never actually been in love)


B.) I find my cute and colourful style doesn’t always fit into the classic white, neutral, with a pop of colour colour pallets that are the norm.

So this was a real challenge, until I stumbled across this pattern paper pack and focused on the style of papers I am usually drawn to, (cute dainty patterns with a mix of polka dots and stripes) and made it work with the theme.

Therefore resulting in Wedding Day Bella!

After that this card came together much like how I imagined, and to top it all off I was very happy with the final product.
I hope if you, or someone you know is getting married soon that they enjoy their wedding day as much as this happy couple!

Stamp image © Brett and Brenda Getting Married

Question Time! If you have been married/ or hope to some day what would your Wedding song be?

My Answer: I joke with my cousin that when I eventually do get married I should pick a anti love song (just for the shock factor and to have a good laugh) but in my heart it most likely will be something from the 50’s-60’s era.


Lots of Love,





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